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Good Footwork Leads to Better Shot Making

Nov 24 2016


In my career as a top college player and PGA Tour player, one of the things that I worked hard on was having good footwork and good balance in my swing.

NOTE - this is written for right handers (lefties please turn left and right around.)

The importance of good fundamentals in my set-up and starting the club back correctly cannot be over-stated. It is equally important to have good footwork which starts with your feet the proper width apart - inside of the heels=outside of shoulders.

I can remember my teacher having me practice rolling my left foot and knee toward my right foot as the upper body turns and my left arm extends back on the backswing. He did not want me lifting my left heel nor having my knee come out toward the ball.

At address I am 50-50 with equal weight on both feet and also from heel to toe.

I want my weight to shift to my right foot at the completion of my backswing. As I do this, I brace my right side with pressure on the inside of my right foot and knee so the weight will be on the middle of my right foot-NOT on the outside of my right foot at the top of my backswing. BIG POINT-I try to keep my right knee flexed the same at the top of my backswing as I do at address!!  

Coming to the ball, I push off my right foot by driving on the inside of my right foot as my left hip turns and shifts my weight onto my left side. The strong move to the ball with my right side makes the left foot roll to the target.

At the finish, I want to be standing straight up with 90% of my weight on my left side.

Check out the positions below. 1 through 5.

Paul Purtzer Footwork Position 5Paul Purtzer - Footwork Position 2Paul Purtzer Footwork Position 3Paul Purtzer Footwork Position 4Paul Purtzer Footwork Position 5


Try to do that this week (a lot on the practice tee first) and see what happens. Hope it helps and gets you in the winner’s circle in your foursome, at the club event or on one of the Tours.

Note: Tom Purtzer’s swing below. Tom was voted the BEST SWING ON THE PGA TOUR and has been one of the most consistent ball strikers who ever played the game.

We hope this tip will help you enjoy this great game even more! Call us today to make sure your fundamentals and footwork are correct so you can play your best golf. AND, to enjoy our  fantastic weather in the Valley of the Sun. 

“The highest point of achievement yesterday, is the starting point of today.”

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Director of Instruction, Paul has been a member of the PGA for over 25 years and is a former PGA Tour player. He has an extensive background in playing and teaching golfers, from the beginner to the winner of the 1996 U.S. Open Championship, Steve Jones. Paul is one of the most highly-regarded golf instructors in the country, and he has collaborated with some of the finest instructors in the world. Paul's positive, supportive, hands-on approach to instruction complements his technical knowledge of the golf swing, which makes him one of the most sought after golf instructors in the country.

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