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Good Footwork Leads to Better Shot Making

Nov 24 2016
In my career as a top college player and PGA Tour player, one of the things that I worked hard on was having good footwork and good balance in my swing.

The importance of good fundamentals in my set-up and starting the club back correctly cannot be over-stated. It is equally important to have good footwork which starts with your feet the proper width apart - inside of the heels=outside of shoulders.

I can remember my teacher having me practice rolling my left foot and knee toward my right foot as the upper body turns and my left arm extends back on the backswing. He did not want me lifting my left heel nor having my knee come out toward the ball.


Feb 04 2015

As a former PGA Tour player and now a PGA instructor, I know a good takeaway is an important part of a successful golf shot. Many golfers struggle to have good rhythm when they hit their shots. This tip should help that and get you in position to be more consistent. (NOTE: Lefties please turn left and right around in this tip) During my competitive career, I had a number of chances to win tournaments and developed a few keys that really worked well when I was coming down the last few holes with a chance to win. One of those keys was to concentrate on getting my left shoulder to my chin (note-I did not say getting my chin to my left shoulder) and to make sure to get my right shoulder to my chin on the forward swing. Before I go any farther, make sure your posture is good and that your chin is not down in your chest at address. You want to have your knees only slightly flexed and tilt to the ball from your hips-back and neck in a straight line. In your backswing, con ...

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