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Student Testimonials

I came to golf later in life. Paul Purtzer taught me from the grip, to the stance, to the swing, building my game one step at a time In this way I could work on manageable and achievable skills, improving in small yet important steps. Now, just a few years into it, I can understand and feel what I need to do on the course. I cannot yet always execute to my satisfaction, but then what golfer can? The important thing is I can recognize when I fall short and I know how to adjust. The game is fun, and I feel I have much good golf to look forward to.

Cliff Boyle

My sixteen year old Jill wants to play major college golf. She is very athletic, but I had taken her as far as I could as she shot in the mid 90's. When we met Paul, he was more than a paid teacher. He really cared about Jill first. He got to know her and then started with the basics of putting and chipping. Not only could he tell the shortcomings in Jill's swing that way, but it gave Jill some immediate feedback and early success to build her confindence.

Over a span of 3 weeks and 10 lessons, we have watched Jill find a simple yet highly effective swing. She has a grip and swing path that you see when you watch the professionals on television. She now hits each club almost 30 yards farther and with more accuracy than ever before.

Jill begins her junior season in high school this year. Our only regret is that we had to move out of state so I cannot have Paul give her ongoing lessons monthly. However, with his software, we can tape her swing and send it to him to analyze. We also are making plans to visit Arizona again and our first stop will be to visit Paul, not only for a lesson, but to see a friend.

I have had lessons, magazines and friends try to help me in my game, but what I saw Paul do for Jill in 3 weeks makes me tell you to see Paul if you want your game to soar to a new level.

Greg A Marquart
Vice President and Banking Center Manager

Dear Paul:

I wanted to take time to thank you for all you have done for my golf game and me. As you know, I grew up around golf, as my Dad was a club professional. As a kid, I shagged balls for many golf lessons and also received my fair share of instruction. I learned the game properly and developed a good game as a junior however, my career path became business and for many years I played less than 10 times a year.

Several years ago, my son took up the game in earnest and I began playing with him every weekend. He lettered all 4 years for his high school, winning a State championship once and several district titles. During this time, I re-discovered my passion for golf and began to decide that I wanted again to play competitively, my goal being to play regularly in the Arizona Golf Association events (and be competitive).

It was obvious to me that my swing needed some work and I tried several instructors. These efforts met with some success but not as much as I wanted. I knew I did not have a swing that would stand up under any kind of pressure. Since meeting with you and having worked hard under your instruction, I am finding that I can count on my swing under any type of conditions. My index is under 3 and I feel I can improve on that!

Paul, you have been so instrumental in changing my golf game and for that I sincerely thank you. Clearly your knowledge of the golf swing is second to none. However, there is also another aspect of working with you that I believe is very important and that is your demeanor, attitude and perspective. I know this comes from your Christian faith and you obviously practice these principles. I consider it a privilege to be your friend and associate through the game of golf.

Thank you so much!

R Brian Wier 
President, CEO 

Dear Paul:

I just got back from Hawaii, and I must say that I made a big mistake by not getting more lessons - I waited too long! The half day you spent with me took at least 5 strokes off my game, and I could see a significant difference.

I was breaking 100 on every round, which is a BIG improvement for me!


John W. Teets 
Chairman and CEO 
John W. Teets Enterprises LLC 
Phoenix, AZ 

Hi Paul and Dave:

A quick message to let you know that last Sunday I played with Homer and other friends at the very exclusive Queenwood Country Club near London.

Since Thomas Bjorn of Denmark was watching us, I felt I had to show him what he needs to do to win the British Open this year ( as you know, he lost at the last hole, last year): so, I had an eagle on a par 5 hole.

Since I have the feeling that you may not believe it, please check with Homer. And I'll bring some Italian wine to celebrate it, the next time we meet.

Best, Ezio 

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