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Making a Smooth Transition from Backswing to Forward Swing

Apr 18 2014

As junior players, college golfers and PGA Tour Players, my brother Tom and I worked extremely hard on our fundamentals-a good grip, posture, stance, alignment, ball position, tempo, takeaway, backswing, forward swing-not to mention the short game. Doing all these things well makes it easier to hit the ball well as possible and become top-flite players.

I am sure all of us have been told to start our swings slower at one time or another.

Working hard on the proper fundamentals will help you get into the correct positions at the top of your backswing-this will always help you produce better shots. But as important as working on the proper fundamentals is, a smooth rhythm is very important as well. (Lefties turn left and right around please.)

In today’s tip, I would like to concentrate on good rhythm and a smooth transition from the backswing to the forward swing. Yes most PGA, Champions Tour and LPGA Tour players have smooth backswings, but what we often miss is that the forward swing usually starts slowly and gradually accelerates thru impact and into the finish. Fred Couples, Ernie Els and Tom Purtzer are great examples of this-smooth but very powerful motion.  

QUESTION: Should you pause at the top of your backswing to help smooth out your transition? I am often asked this question from my students.

ANSWER: NO, but sometimes it helps to “FEEL” like you are pausing at the top for a better transition. Technically, the forward swing should begin as a spontaneous or involuntary motion and begin just prior to the finish of the backswing.

In the backswing you should be creating a coil in your backswing from the stretching and turning of your body. The lower body initiates the uncoiling of your hips just before I finish my backswing.

A good thought that Tom and I have used is  a slow, smooth takeaway in the backswing and a slow smooth start to the forward swing and gradually accelerate thru impact and into your finish.

BELOW: In Tom Purtzer’s swing below see how solid Tom looks in his swing and especially in frames 5-10-just before the finish of the backswing and as the forward swing begins (the transition area).


NOTE: Congratulations to Tom Purtzer for being named in the BEST 100 Players in the World (since 1980) by Golf World Magazine this year. Tom was also named by his peers as having the Best Swing on the PGA Tour in the early 1990’s.

We hope this tip will help you enjoy this great game even more! Call us today to make sure your fundamentals (grip, stance, takeaway, etc.) are correct so you can play your best golf and have more fun on the “links”-not to mention enjoy our fantastic weather.

Also, call us today for our Playing School Specials we are having this Spring (bring 3 students and 1 is 50% off-bring 4 and one is free), our Junior Camps (June 2-5 and June 9-12, 2014) and our other great learning programs.


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